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Covers Customized to Fit

Cover Lady has supplied Western Canada with our manufactured hot tub covers for more than 30 years. We offer a number of styles and shapes of hot tub covers. Check out the shapes we offer:

Cover Size Options

We make covers every day, so you know you can count on expert quality when you order from us. You can also depend on quick service – we beat our competition in quality and turnaround time.


  • Each cover is custom made to fit all your requirements based on your hot tub measurements. We will make the cover 1" bigger than the actual tub. This allows for “shrinkage”. If the cover is too tight, it will not fit right.

  • We offer tapered covers to allow rain run-off, or flat covers for sheltered hot tubs.

  • We also offer a variety of thicknesses (3”, 4”, 5” flat, and 4”-2”, 5”-3”, and 6”-4” tapered) using 1.5Lb/cubic ft. of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), which is aged with no re-grind. This insures that all of our EPS is of high quality, providing R-values of R-12, R-16, and R-20. Our EPS is rated at 4 R-values per inch of foam (which is an ASTM standard).

  • The zippers are located around the outside edge of the cover, instead of the inside under the centre seam (less seams exposed to chemicals and steam). This also allows for some venting for moisture to escape.

  • Each cover has 4 handles and four lockable tie-downs. Tie-downs are mandatory due to bylaws.

  • Our inserts have a steel 24Ga “C” channel giving our centre joint much rigidity and are wrapped with 6mm vapour barrier, folded and taped.

  • The use of a bubble cover that floats directly on the water is highly recommended to help maintain and lengthen the life of the cover. It holds steam and chemicals away from the cover prolonging its life.

  • Our covers are made with expanded polystyrene foam, the same material used in building insulation and packing peanuts. The structure of EPS is perfectly suited for retaining the heat of your hot tub while being light enough to be easily removed and replaced.

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